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How We Evolved

Keeping in mind the theme for this newsmagazine, we asked few CAP members at our HR workshop to share their experiences on how they evolved in the careers & professional life. It was interesting to note that the social sector seems to have evolved enough to attract those from a corporate background to cross over.

Jyoti Patil Shah
After completing my Post Graduation in Counselling I was offered a job as a counsellor at Canossa Convent High School, Mahim. This was an actual eye-opener for me as it gave me a hands on lesson about how in reality people handle their difficulties and how they justify with what happens to them. A friend’s connection got me to V Care. A choice had to be made between an International School and V Care, a challenge with a change is always welcomed. It has been a journey of learning and to really count blessings! School was more grounded more structured; V Care keeps you on your toes 24x7. At a personal level evolution has taken shape through immense exposure and still learning something new.

Jyoti Patil Shah,Volunteer, V Care Foundation

Rajendra Aher
 My first job was at Bhartiya Samaj Seva Kendra Pune, a state level Adoption program. My role included pre and post adoption visits to the families who desired to adopt a child through our program. While doing this, I experienced the feelings of the parents, who don’t have a child as well as the importance of good upbringing of a child in such families. This job not only gave me satisfaction but also motivation for my life. I also understood the importance of confidentiality.

I carried forward this experience to my next job at Deep Griha Society at Pune. Since 1991 I have worked on different projects and from April 2016 was promoted as a Project Officer. The roles have grown and so have I. In my first job our focus was only on adoption and through Deep Griha it has evolved - here the focus is  wider in  areas such as Community development Child care, Women empowerment, Youth development, Medical, DISHA (HIV/AIDS) etc.

Rajendra Aher,Project Officer,Deep Griha Society


Anjali Teredesai
 I worked in Bhagini Nivedita Sahakari Bank for 31 years. Our bank catered to all but was managed only by ladies. I joined there as a clerk and during a period of time was promoted up to Branch Manager. This job developed my personality a lot. I have worked as a staff director for 8 years. I gained wide experience by working with different profiles of people, so I could share various problems of the people as well as staff. This job gave me gratification.

I heard a lot about Deep Griha Society, so after my retirement from the corporate sector, I thought I can do something for the community by working with a non-profit. In my previous job I worked with only a specific class of society and today my personality has developed further and I work with community workers with the same ease.
Anjali Teredesai,Deep Griha Society

Dr. Ponissery Jayarajan
Post my MBBS I was looking for a job in a multi-specialty hospital to hone my skills. My first job was in a multi-specialty hospital in Thrissur District, Kerala. Everything I had hoped for and more. - GREAT. I had planned to be there for a year, but I stayed for more than two years.My entry into the social sector was by accident through my friend, who invited me to join an NGO. Since it was the change I was looking for, I moved from Medical Officer in the Casualty of a Multi-specialty hospital to NGO- Alpha Palliative Care services as a Resident Medical Officer.

After 14 years and in the private sector, I moved to the social sector in 2008. The main difference between the two is the approach by the medical personnel. There is a paternalistic relationship where the medical community including doctors, nurses  will always instruct the patient and family to follow what they say. Most of the time they would not entertain questions nor tolerate any non-compliance in the treatment plans. In the social sector (Palliative care) there is more of an equal partnership between Medical Community and the patients,  more humane and they form a partnership to develop an individualized treatment plan suitable to the patient and family.

I have evolved into a better person and professional with tremendous patience and tolerance,a better communicator, learned to accept failure and how to deal with it.

Dr. Ponissery Jayarajan,Chief Medical Officer, The Jimmy S Bilimoria Foundation


Regina Khurana
My first job was as an HR Associate in a corporate. I loved it – I was fresh out of college and had so many practical things to learn! I then took a break to start a personal venture, which helped expand my horizons professionally and personally. When I decided to join the workforce again, it was in the not-for-profit space (more accident than choice – but I’d like to think of it as serendipity). I sense a passion and commitment here for that was missing before. Personally, I notice that both I and my family have become kinder, more inclusive, and more compassionate.

Regina Khurana,Assistant Manager – HR, Ummeed Child Development Center


Aparna Joshi-Khandwala
My first job in 1998 was a very comfortable experience. I was privileged to be associated with the MD's office of a large pharma company to manage housekeeping and basic administration. But the role lacked challenges and hence I decided to look for a better opportunity. I transitioned into an HR role very naturally due to my interest and skills. There was no looking back after I joined EmmayHR in 2002. I worked here for over 7 years during which we transitioned from being a small local recruitment firm to be world’s largest HR services company, now Randstad India. I grew from managing administrative HR activities to eventually strategic HR management and worked closely with the founders and management teams. I came across a volunteering opportunity during my first career break during my maternity sabbatical in 2009. That’s when I realized how blinded I was in the corporate sector ignorant of issues in our immediate society country at large. I joined iVolunteer to structure human resources and lead JobsForGood, a leading recruitment service provider to the social sector. It continues to be an immensely satisfying journey in the sector since 2009. I founded a management consultancy, Yellow Spark in 2014 which helps organisations to become aspiring workplaces. 

Aparna Joshi-Khandwala,HR Consultant, Yellow Spark

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