Thursday, 9 February 2017

CAP’S Compliance Complete Certification - V Care Foundation

Featuring V care foundation - one of the 4 NGOs registered for this year's CAP Compliance-Complete Certificate 

Our objectives are to help create free support, awareness and education to cancer patients and to help improve their quality of life.

We joined CAP’s Compliance Complete Certification...To learn best practices, to build capacity and to be as flawless an organisation as possible.

V Care Foundation was founded with the philosophy... of helping cancer patients and their caregivers fight cancer and stay emotionally secure.   As a team we wanted to be so strong that we could conquer cancer. 

Our greatest forte... is the fact that the organisation is run by volunteers who give their time and are passionate to serve the cause.

Our strength also becomes our challenge... We need volunteers to expand our work. We are also continuously exploring ways to identify needs of cancer patients’ and methods of fulfilling those.

Compliance for us translates as ...  being legally compliant as an organization. Having the best accounting practices along with sound and effective board governance.

What are your organization’s most promising programs... Cancer Survivors Day started by V Care in 2015 was a movement to focus on survivorship. It is now being celebrated by many organisations across the country. Providing financial support to the poor and middle income group.  A program called UMMEED which is a unique Cancer Helpdesk that provides information to patients and their caregivers on different types of available government schemes, hospitals, NGOs and trust for financial assistance and a list of budget hotels/accommodation.

How can you best reach your target audience... through our placement in hospitals, social media, and word of mouth of the beneficiaries, our well wishers and donors. 

How has your organization changed over the last 2-5-10 years... From an organisation providing only emotional support to patients initially we have now expanded to include many support programs for the patients and their families.  We have a robust home visit system in place for our palliative patients and provide financial support to them.  We train other support groups in the country, to implementing programs where prosthetic needs (wigs, artificial breast, etc) of the patients are met.

Two changes which you would like to observe in the philanthropy space...Serve the purpose by networking amongst the social sector to reach out to maximum no of patients with our resources.  As an organization strive for compliance at all levels.

 "If your organization would like to avail of this certification in FY 2017-18, write in to us at Interviews will be held in May 2017"

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