Thursday, 12 October 2017

How to Register under Niti Ayog’s NGO Darpan?

Step-by-step guide to register under Niti Ayog’s NGO Darpan!

We have been receiving a number of queries from those trying to register under Niti Ayog’s NGO Darpan, hence here is a simple step-by-step guide to the process:

2) When the Niti Ayog page opens scroll all the way down till you see “Click here(link is external) to visit NGO Darpan Portal”

 3) When the NGO Darpan page opens, look on the right hand side for “Login/Register”. 


4) The system will provide you with a onetime login password by email/mobile.

5) Once you are at your NGO profile page start with providing your NGO’s PAN which the system will verify. If it fails, check if name of your NGO is the same as on the PAN card.

6) Fill in the NGO’s name address state etc. While on this page keep the following in mind:

a) When providing your NGO’s URL website provide the full URL eg: http://www

b) It will ask is the NGO Registration Validity is available? Click NO, unless you are registered as a Society in a state where renewal of registration is mandated by law of that state, as in North eastern states of India.

c) With regard to FCRA registration date, please state the date when MHA first registered your NGO under FCRA and not the date when your registration was renewed.

7) The next tab will flash your registration details based on what you submit in the first tab. Please check to see if the details are correct or use the edit/update option.

8) The third tab is ‘Member Details’. It requires details of at least three key members (i.e. Key functionaries). Here you may provide details of your Board members, CEO, COO etc. While PAN, Aadhar and email of members is asked for only the email is available in public domain. PAN and Aadhar number cannot be viewed. Hence one need not worry on that account.

9) The fourth tab is “Source of Funds”. Here, if you have not received any government grant, you may simply click ‘No’ under “grant sanctioned”.

10) The fifth tab is “Key contact information”. Here the CEO or Managing trustee or whoever is the key functionary may provide his/her contact and other details.

11) The sixth tab is about “working areas”. Choose from the drop down menu.  Also within 500 characters write a few lines about your NGO’s ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Major Activities/Achievements’.

12) On completion the Unique ID will be generated.

Good luck!

If you still face technical difficulties you may write to us or call on 022 22846534.

Please remember that registering on Niti Ayog’s ‘NGO Darpan’ is mandatory:

a) If the NGO receives Government Grants


b) The NGO has Prior Permission or is Registered under FCRA or seeking Prior Permission or Registration under FCRA.

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