Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Final Opportunity for NGOs Who Missed the Renewal Deadline

FCRA registration of 11,319 organizations have been deemed ‘ceased’ since they allegedly failed to apply for the renewal within the prescribed time limit. However, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has provided yet another opportunity to such organizations who may not have applied for renewal before the given deadline. 
NGOs which have missed the deadline of 30th June 2016 can apply for renewal latest by 28th February 2017 providing sufficient grounds for not applying within the time stipulated by MHA. The application and all relevant applications have to be filed on-line.

MHA has published two lists:
  1. A list of 1,736 cases that have been closed due to “non-submission or deficiency of documents”. MHA had advised that representation in this regard in support of the deficiency in the application may be submitted through designated email usfcra-mha@gov.in by 8th November, 2016. MHA had stated that no representation would be entertained after this cut-off date and that representation must be made electronically by email only.
MHA had also provided a telephone number for assistance 011- 23438041/42 (9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)

  1. MHA has also published a list of associations whose FCRA registration was valid up till 31st October 2016 but these organizations purportedly had not applied for renewal by the cut-off date for renewal (i.e. 30th June 2016). The validity of registration of these 11,319 associations was earlier deemed expired from 1st November 2016. However, MHA has now decided to give these NGOs yet another opportunity to file renewal application by 28th February 2017. The list of these 11,319 organizations is available at:

Returns for FY 2015-16

The last date for filing FCRA returns for the Financial Year 2015-16 is 31st December 2016. Returns must be filed online only in the prescribed Form FC 4. There is no need to post hard copies as was the norm earlier.

Quarterly Updates

NGOs are also reminded that they are required to upload information regarding foreign contributions every quarter on their own website or that of MHA providing name of the donor, indicate whether institutional or individual, address (including email) and website of the donor and the purpose for which contribution is received.

MHA (FCRA) Key contact details
For all technical difficulties while filling or uploading online forms/information or password or ID related issues NGOs may write to or all the ‘support centre’

Name & Designation
Telephone No
Support Center
Mukesh Mittal, Joint Secretary (Foreigners)
23438033, 23438034
Anuj Sharma, Director (FCRA)
B. K. Singh, Under Secretary (FCRA)

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