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CAP Newsmagazine Editorial (Q3 Sept - Dec)

The Editorial from our latest issue of the newsmag Philanthropy 


The theme of this issue of Philanthropy is ‘collaboration’ and while leafing through our archives we found a report of the WINGS Forum 2002 held in Sydney, Australia where the theme was “Philanthropy in a divided world -- Thinking globally - collaborating regionally”. By a strange coincidence Noshir Dadrawalawas  once again in Australia this December at an exploratory workshop on philanthropy research in the Asia-Pacific Region on the Swinburne University Hawthorn campus in Melbourne. The object of the workshop was learning and sharing of experiences and explore possibilities to collaborate in an effective and sustained manner.

We, at CAP, have always believed in the power of collaborative action and we run it across all our four verticals. Where our legal advisory services are concerned we collaborate and depend on the expertise of leading law firms like AZB on issues such as labour laws, whereas on issues like VAT & Service Tax we collaborate with Khare and company. When it comes to outreach of our expertise in CSR compliance we collaborate with institutions like CII and the National CSR Hub at TISS. Even where capacity building and research is concerned we make the process inclusive, drawing the best talent from the sector in order to leverage effectiveness of our programs.

But, collaboration must be based on equity in order to be effective.

In the meantime the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a Notification with regard to amendments in the FC Rules and various new forms. Please follow our blog for periodic updates.

Editor - Noshir Dadrawala

From our Archives (CAP Newsletter March-April 2002)

Philanthropy In A Divided World - Thinking Globally - Collaborating Regionally

WINGS Forum 2002 was held 10-13 March 2002 in Sydney, Australia. Mrs. Pushpa Sundar of “Sampradaan” and Mr. Noshir H. Dadrawala of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy represented India at this forum. Dadrawala was one of the panelists at the lunch plenary on 12th. March, moderated by Barry Gaberman, Senior Vice President, Ford Foundation,. Dadrawala spoke about the challenges facing the voluntary sector in India, the excessive dependence on foreign aid and issues of good governance.

WINGS Forum 2002 aimed to contribute to the enhancement of the capability of the associations and support organizations serving grantmakers in more than 60 countries to promote and support philanthropy at the local, national, and international levels. It focused on four issues:

  • Institutional Development (membership, governance, and emerging associations)
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Public Relations (working with governments, communication strategies and information technology, and promoting philanthropy)
  • Legal and Regulatory Reform 

    (L to R) Barry Gaberman, Senior Vice President, Ford Foundation, Marcos Kisil, President, Institute for the Development of Social Investment, Monica Mutuku, Director and CEO, Kenya Community Development Foundation and Noshir Dadrawala, Executive Secretary, Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, India

Ambassador James A. Joseph, President Emeritus, The Council on Foundations, USA spoke on the theme, “Philanthropy in a divided world, thinking globally - collaborating regionally”. He felt, it is in the progression from private acts of compassion to the idea of collaborative action that we come to grips with many of the new realities of private philanthropy. One of the most prominent and most over-used examples of the charitable impulse is the story of “the Good Samaritan” in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. A traveller stops to give aid and comfort to a man he finds badly beaten on the side of the road. While this individual act is to be lauded, what happens if every day for a week the traveller finds someone beaten at the same spot on the road? Wouldn’t he be obliged to ask who has responsibility for policing the road? In other words, what starts out as a private act of compassion invariably leads to the more strategic question of collaborative action and public policy?

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