Friday, 2 October 2015

FCRA Renewal - 1st October 2015 Update

Everyone is keen to know where they stand with regards to the FCRA renewal. 
What does an organisation do? Here's advice from Noshir Dadrawala

It’s now October 2015 and there is a deafening silence from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Form FC 5 has not gone live on the MHA's website as promised months back.

In the meantime, to add to the confusion, MHA had recently sent a circular stating that there will be a new combined form FC 3 in which one can apply for Registration, Renewal & Prior Permission. This too has not gone live.

The last date for applying for FCRA renewal (for organisations registered before 1st May 2011) is 31st October.

Now that the due date is drawing close, we recommend that NGOs may download and print Form FC 5 from the MHA’s website and post it with self attested copy of the FCRA certificate/letter and pay order of Rs. 500/- before 31st October 2015.

The Form can be downloaded from:

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